Some of Dr. Dan Klein's & Dr. Steve Fleisher's patients share their stories of success!


Been to Many Other Doctors - Became Pain-Free Here!


Patient Travels From Maryland Just to See Dr. Klein!


Pain Everyday for Over 8 Years...Gone in a Week!


Can Now Walk 50 Miles!


90 Years Old & Experiencing a Decrease in Neurological Symptoms!


It's a Miracle...


Couldn't Even Sit - Now Can!


Posture & Low Back Problems - Both Improved in No Time!


Back Pain Since Middle School...


Doctor is a Patient & Refers Patients to Dr. Klein


Couldn't Stand Up Straight - Now Standing Perfectly!


Severe Low Back Pain For Over a Month - Gone!


Improved Vision When Adjusted!


Shoulder, Sciatica, & Leg Pain - Now Pain Free!


Hurt Back Playing Football - Able to Play the Next Week!


Severe Low Back Pain - Improved in a Week!


Pregnancy Low Back Pain Gone When Adjusted!


Improved Health in Under 2 Months!


Hand & Foot Neuropathy for 2 Years - Better After Visits!


Neck Stiffness - Gone in 1 Visit!


Neck & Shoulder Pain - Feeling Better & Has More Energy!


10 Years of Neck Pain & Poor Posture - Greatly Improved After 5 Visits!


Neck Pain - Feeling Great After Just 1 Adjustment!


Improved Neck Flexibility After Just 1 Adjustment!


1 Adjustment - Migraine Gone!


Back to the Gym After Getting Adjusted!

Complimentary Consultations with Dr. Klein. Contact our Office Today!

Complimentary Consultations with Dr. Klein. Contact our Office Today!

We work with most insurance providers. For questions about insurance, please contact our office.

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