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Dr. Daniel Klein and his staff at Everybody's Chiropractic Center serve the residents of Upper Darby and many other nearby Pennsylvania towns. The doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of neck pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

Can Chronic Neck Pain Lead to Migraines?

Chronic pain in the neck can eventually lead to migraine headaches. Pain is often accompanied by inflammation. Inflammation in the neck can result in pressure being put on the blood vessels that go to and from the brain. As the pressure increases, the amount of blood that is allowed to flow through the area can be decreased dramatically. The brain needs a constant supply of freshly oxygenated blood to function efficiently. Without it, headache pain can occur. If the brain is continually deprived of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function and survive, migraines can be the result.

Can Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy be Used Together to Relieve Neck Pain?

Chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massage therapy can be effectively used together to relieve most types of neck pain. The adjustments work to restore balance and alignment to the bones in the neck, while massage therapy strengthens and tones the muscles that support the skeletal structure. As the muscles begin to get stronger, circulation improves, providing freshly oxygenated blood to the brain as well as to areas that need it to heal. Massage therapy also releases toxins that can build up in the tissues and add to the discomfort of chronic pain. When used together, both treatment options work to support the structure and improve the function of the neck.

What are Common Symptoms of Neck Strain?

Neck strain can be extremely painful and may take several weeks to heal, depending on what caused the injury. Stiffness in the muscles of the neck restricts movement and prevents a person from looking to either side without intense pain. Inflammation can also restrict movement as well as blood flow through the neck. In some cases, if circulation is dramatically decreased it can lead to intense headaches and migraine pain. In accidental injuries like whiplash, the pain can linger for several weeks because of the hyperflexion that stretched the tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

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